About Us

Politics is Primal; Politics is Powerful; Politics is Persuasive.

Politics affects everything that happens in the country. In fact, it changes every day of our lives too. To be oblivious to the politics around oneself is like shutting eyes to the stark realities of life. Politics mirrors the most current picture of a situation. But, it is up to the citizens or responsible individuals of the country to have an unbiased opinion about the circumstances around them and to act or react responsibly conforming to the legal framework.

Politically is one such endeavor – India’s first media news company portraying an unbiased picture of politics and policies of our country. We are the only media house in the country focused and dedicated to politics and policies of India. Through our platform, we aim to provide our followers with honest, accurate and factual picture about news, views, opinions, and oppositions about their leaders, city, policies, nation and the world. We throw light on matters related to politics and policies by separating facts from fake, opinions from oppositions and views from reviews.

Our Vision
To be the reliable source for politics and the policies of the country by depicting the right picture at the right time to the people.