Did Amartya Sen Preferred Watch Cartoon than Modi’s Oath-taking Ceremony?

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Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen said in an interview that he prefers “watching cartoon is better than watching oath-taking ceremony of Modi.”

Did Amartya Sen Preferred Watch Cartoon than Modi’s Oath-taking Ceremony? 1

Who’s Amartya Sen? What is his contribution to India?

Amartya Kumar Sen is a world-renowned Indian economist, and philosopher was born in West Bengal in 1933 during the British rule. He has taught and worked in India, the United States and the United Kingdom since 1972. His contributions to the field of economics and social justice, economic theories of famines, welfare economics, social choice theory and indices of the measure of well-being of citizens of developing countries are very significant.

He is the professor at Harvard University and a member of Harvard Law School. He is also serving as the Director of the London School of Economics and a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution in the field of economics in 1998. He was awarded India’s highest civilian award Bharat Ratna in 1999 for his work in welfare economics. He was ranked number 14 in BBC’s poll of Greatest Bengali of all time in 2004.

From his early life, Amartya Sen was a bright student and earned a B.A. in Economics from the prestigious Trinity College, Cambridge with a First Class, topping the list. He finished his PhD in 1955-56 at Cambridge. He was the First-Professor and First-Head of the Economics Department of the Jadavpur University in Calcutta. The credit of being the youngest chairman of the Department of Economics is still in his name.

Sen published a book in 1981 on Bengal famine explaining the economic condition and poverty of Bengal during 1943. In addition to the work on famines, his contribution to the field of economics has a huge influence in preparing Human Development Report.

He was appointed as the Chairman of Nalanda Project to examine the framework of International co-operation and proposed the structure of partnership to govern the establishment of Nalanda International University to bring back the old memories of higher learning which was present in the 5th century.

What was the controversy?

Amartya Sen has always been critical in Prime Minister Narendra Modi since 2014 when he was announced as the Prime Ministerial candidate by BJP. He had said that Narendra Modi would not make a right Prime Minister for the country. But, later he took back his words saying Modi did give a sense of faith to the people of India that things can happen.

Bharat News, a Bengali blog, published news on May 24, 2019, in its blog that Amartya Sen had said “he would prefer watching cartoon rather than watching oath-taking ceremony of Modi” in an interview with British Media. The article further states, Dr Sen also commented saying Modi is corrupt and a lousy administrator.

According to the blog site, Amartya Sen opinioned that Indian voters have lost their mind by voting Modi and failed to differentiate between good and evil. The source was mentioned as ‘BBC London’ at the end of the article.

Many Bangla Facebook pages have posted the news on their news feed published by Bharat News.

Did Amartya Sen Preferred Watch Cartoon than Modi’s Oath-taking Ceremony? 2

Did Amartya Sen respond?

However, Amartya Sen did write his opinion on The New York Times after the historic victory of Modi and his team of NDA. He wrote, ‘Modi won power, not the battle of ideas.’ But, nowhere he made the statement similar to what Bharat News has claimed.

Did Amartya Sen Preferred Watch Cartoon than Modi’s Oath-taking Ceremony? 3


Dr Amartya Sen has never said anything on Narendra Modi similar to the viral post published on Bharat News. Ultimately it has proved that Amartya Sen’s statement “watching cartoon is better than watching oath-taking ceremony of Modi” is false.


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