How a Chaiwala has reinvented the Indian Politics

chaiwala reinvented Indian politics
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Even Chaiwala might not have imagined that he’ll get huge support from Indian voters for the second time in a row. Chaiwala contested as a Chowkidar in the just concluded election in Varanasi and Indian voters blessed his party with a complete majority. Yes, we are talking about none other than India’s beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It’s not about BJP; it’s all about Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had worked hard during his tenure of 5-years from 2014-2019 before the general elections. He had garnered love and respect from politicians to the intellectuals to the general public from across the world. So, people believed in Modi as a person rather than BJP as a party. The 2019-general-elections was all about Modi for so many reasons.

Politically, he was facing many issues like Joblessness in the country had risen to a new record, nationalism in India became a debatable topic, and slow down on industrial production. Many people in India were hit by the currency ban or demonetization, which was made to flush out the undeclared wealth from the country. And, there were complaints about the uniform sales tax or GST on its poor design and execution.

All-in-all it was the fight between Modi vs all parties in the just concluded general election.

Even though the opposition parties were blaming, the results are showing that the people of India are happy with Modi’s administration and policies.

Modi, during his campaigns, repeatedly told voters that he needs more than five-years to clean up the mess that Congress had done for 60-years and voters agreed to give him one more chance. For many people in India, Modi is like a GOD who’ll solve all their life problems.

Interestingly, according to a survey conducted by Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), a Delhi based organization, a third of BJP voters said they would have voted for a different party if Modi was not a Prime Ministerial candidate from BJP. So, that tells you the story of voting for Modi rather than for BJP. 2019 general election was all about Modi’s leadership beyond all possibilities.

What does Modi’s win suggest?

In the last five-years of Modi’s administration, he has become a symbol of hope and aspiration for many young and old-age people of the country. His persona is larger-than his party itself. Modi’s win suggests a significant shift in Indian politics.

Modi-Shah duo significantly expanded their party’s presence across Indian geography. Since Modi became the Prime Minister, BJP could form governments in the vital north-eastern states like Assam and Tripura, which can be term as a significant change.

BJP commands an overwhelming majority in the parliament, and there’s no dominant opposition party. Congress party looks pale, and the regional parties are losing their ground.

India’s oldest party is facing the crisis

India’s most former party Congress is facing a huge mess. The number of seats in the parliament suggests that it is a threat to its existence. Suffered the second successive loss in the general election, Congress’s geographical presence is shrinking.

Congress is non-existent in most of the Indian states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The party became incapable of winning the state elections at least after Modi became the Prime Minister.

Regional parties are losing their ground

For the 2019 general election, all the regional parties formed an alliance called “Mahagatbandhan” but, it came out as a complete flop against Modi. The internal issues within their parties costed them. What voters thoughts of a hard fight between Mahagatbandhan and BJP didn’t happen at all. Modi’s charisma won BJP more votes across India and more votes than 2014 general election.


Modi’s win suggests that there is an end to caste politics which was present in Indian politics since ages. People have started to vote on national issues and moved beyond caste. People are educated enough to evaluate and analyze the government’s performance. And, Modi had shown all of it to gain trust and faith of the voters. And now, people of India are expecting more developments from Modi 2.0 government.




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