India’s Real Issues – It’s time we Concentrate

real issues of india

Many issues continue to plague India since Independence.

“Chalta hai” attitude seems to be deep-rooted in the Indian psyche.

Anything wrong does not matter much to us.

Be it governance, corruption, condition of roads, crimes, or anything else.

Several changes are needed in India. But,

Some of the important ones are,


Our education system was introduced by colonial masters to create slaves.

  • The emphasis should be on practical approach and skill-based training.
  • People like Rabindranath Tagore have written many articles offering suggestions to our education system.


  • Illiteracy still prevails in India
  • Literacy campaigns for adults have a long way to go to make India a literate country.


  • Sanitation is still a major issue, especially in rural India.
  • The Swatch Bharat Campaign should reach the population far and wide.


  • Lack of medical resources in rural India is still a major impediment.
  • Pradhan Mantri Jan-Aushadhi Yojana – medicines at affordable prices has miles to accomplish before reaching the needy.


  • 37% of the total population in India lives below the international poverty line
  • Limited access to the basic resources is the major problem for poverty


  • The most widely spread endemic in India is corruption
  • There’s no proof how much loss has the economy suffered from corruption

And the list goes on…

The prime focus should be on resolving our basic issues.

Changing the fabric of society and the government is imperative.

We do not require the ‘cut and paste’ innovation but creative thinking to address our issues.

Good governance and a little ‘common-sense’ from the people can reform India.

A great country with a promising future for the next generation is our responsibility.

Think! And be responsible…


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