Indira Gandhi as a prime minister of India

Indira Gandhi as a Prime Minister of India.

Indira Gandhi as a Prime Minister of India

Posted by Politically on Monday, 1 April 2019

On January 1966 India cheered with joy as a lady was elected as the nation’s new prime minister.She was none other than Indira Gandhi.Winning with 355 votes she called herself nation’s servant. This event of election of a female as prime minister drew world’s attention towards India.

She served the nation twice as a prime minister which from 1966 to 1977 and 1980 till her death.She on the first place worked on Indian economy which was being deteriorated due to international disputes on oil crisis.

On July 19th,1969 in Indira passed an ordinance in which fourteen major banks which contained the majority of nation’s economy were nationalized.This profited the agriculture and industries as credit was being channelized in those sectors.

1971 marks the period when there was call of war between India and Pakistani. During the war,all foreign oil companies refuse to supply to Indian forces.As a result Indira nationalized oil companies such as Indian oil corporation and Hindustan petroleum so that they keep a minimum stock for defense forces.

The prime minister also launched green revolution which brought tremendous development in agriculture sector as it made a huge profit which could be evidenced from 1968.In 1969 the congress party experienced internal fights and issues which led to expulsion of Indira Gandhi from the party.On 12th November the president of congress announced Indira out of the congress party.

In 1972 the nuclear program of India was on peak as on 7th September Indira authorized BARC (Bhabha atomic research center) to produce a nuclear device which was later named as smiling budha and was detonated after that.
Indira following her hierarchical traits was fond of science and technology.She provided her full support to technology by funding all the researches and experiments.

ISRO was India’s first space research organization which was founded in 1969.In 1975 India’s first satellite arya bhatta was introduced Rakesh Sharma who was the first Indian man to be a part of soviet space mission was asked by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi how India looked from space and he replied, “Saare Jahan Se Achcha” (better than the whole world).
She was also aware of the ground state of Indian economy and accelerated the garibi hatao program in order to eradicate poverty from nation.

In January 1976 she preponed the general elections being held in November.For 1980 general election Indira stood from her old platform rai bareli and won from a huge margin.She was again elected as nation’s prime minister and served the nation.In late July,1882 she gathered herself after death of sanjay gandhi and went to Washington to stabilize indo-american relation.

In July 1984 Indira’s government was hit by murders and quarrels in Punjab which was led by akali dal and bhindranwale.Indira launched operation ‘Blue Star’ by then in order to normalize the present situation.the Indian force entered the golden temple and as a result they were killed by akali dal.

The assault of golden temple in Amritsar left it heavily damaged.In result of this operation Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31st October,1984 at her house by her own bodyguards.


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