Internet Giants – Paving Way to New Political Advertising Rules in India

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In the run-up to 2019 general elections in India, tech titans Google and Facebook are bringing new political advertising rules.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, they have decided to start verifying the ads on their platform.

They would now be providing details like

  • Who is purchasing election ads and
  • The money spent making the information public on their platform.

Parties are increasingly turning to social media to get their messages to the millions of voters.

Google said it rolled out new norms from February 14,
“To bring more transparency to the online election ads, Google will introduce an India-specific Political Advertising Transparency Report and searchable Political Ads Library.”

Facebook said its new policy will be in place from February 21,
“By authorizing advertisers and bringing more transparency to ads, we can better defend against foreign interference in India’s elections.”

Chief Justice of India directed to Election Commission of India (ECI) to file its affidavit in a week expressing the legal provisions for election campaigns on social media.

ECI guidelines will ensure free and fair elections in India, said the Judge’s division bench.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party use social media websites, including Google and Facebook.

Country’s main opposition party Congress, has also expanded its visibility on digital platforms too.

India is fast gearing up as a social media friendly nation.

2019 elections will see the political parties fighting it out on the social media platforms too.

From agenda’s to accusations, all would be shared on social media.

As responsible citizens,
Be wise; do not let false messages rise.


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