Millennial Survey – Politics is the First Choice for Majority Job Seekers


India is the largest democratic country in the world where democracy describes the political system of the country. In a democratic country, every citizen has their right to express by either freedom of speech or freedom of expression, directly or indirectly.

Indeed India, a leading job site has surveyed job seekers. According to the placement company, the generation of millennials is having a high affinity towards politics. Though they have a different opinion, they like to express themselves and actively participate in civic issues.

As per the survey report, about 80 per cent of the job seekers across India are inclined towards politics, and they are interested in pursuing their career in the political field. The popular domains that captivated the interest of the millennials such as political analysts, political journalists and social works lead the number in the report, Indeed said.

Though the survey report doesn’t have any surprising element, it also revealed that men (21 per cent) are more interested in taking up the career in politics than women (12 per cent), said the leading job portal in their statement in Bengaluru on Wednesday.

The survey was conducted as part of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in India from April 11 to May 19 in seven phases across the country. Fifty-nine per cent of the job seekers response was that public speaking and presentation skills are essential to have a career in politics whereas 53 per cent have an opinion of having leadership and conflict management skills are fundamental qualities to pursue a full-time job in the political field.

Mainstream political career found interesting for around 24 per cent of the respondents while 21 per cent of the job seekers find interest in allied political fields such as analysts, political journalism and working for a state-run social service organization and would like to pursue their career in it.

To become a full-time politician, one needs to have leadership and conflict management skills, said half of the job seekers responded in the survey whereas the other 49 per cent of the respondents believe that the ability to understand the audience emotions is very much necessary for the job.

In the statement released by the placement company, 37 per cent of the respondents believe that crisis management skills and problem-solving skills are the necessary traits for a career in politics. On the other hand, 47 per cent of the people say analytical thinking skills will make the job easier for a political career.

Indeed India Managing Director Shashi Kumar said, “though millennials are branded a politically indifferent and disconnected generation, they have evolved an identity of civic activism”.

“Unlike previous generations, millennials consider a government as an avenue to help society, along with activities like volunteering, donating to charitable organizations and supporting local businesses and community efforts,” said Mr Kumar, citing the study report.

Since the millennials are interested in volunteering and demanding transparency in every field to create a measurable impact in the society, allied fields like social service and welfare organizations are the go-to place for them for exploring their career option in politics.

The survey was conducted between February 22-25 on 1,201 millennials in the 22-36 age group across the country, for the job site by Censuswide.


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