What Kind of Political Parties Do We need for a Better India

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India is the best example where people from different cultures, tradition, and religion live together in harmony. However, there are religious issues which erupt sometimes but, that has not affected our country’s mantra “unity in diversity”. Though India is still a developing nation, it has achieved a lot in many fields, especially in Science and Technology. Let’s not forget, politically also, and it is reaching a new high in the world through its ‘Make in India’ and other schemes.

So, what steps have to be taken to make India one of the most powerful nations in the world? Citizens have to be more responsible towards the country, and our political parties focus should be to work towards the betterment of the country only. And, it can only happen through the political parties and politicians because they are the lawmakers.

Let’s look at what kind of political parties India need which focusses on solving the fundamental issues of India and work towards the betterment of the people of the country.

1. Education and employment

We need political parties which focusses on working towards providing education to every citizen of the country. No one should miss out from getting a primary education. Once he/ she gets the primary education, then, either they can find suitable employment, or they can start with their own business with their knowledge. No one can stop the growth and development of the country once the citizen gets the basic necessity of education.

2. Corruption

Corruption should be eradicated. All parties, including the citizens of India, should work hard to get rid of this fraudulent conduct. Politicians or bureaucrats who show interest in fulfilling their selfish motives should get the highest of punishment. Working towards the betterment of the country should be the sole agenda of our lawmakers.

3. Caste and religious issues

Reservation system based on caste and religion is a historical injustice which should be taken off. Political parties should create a law to eradicate the discrimination of people based on their caste and religion. When the deserving people get their due credit, they automatically work to strengthen the nation.

4. Poverty

Economic disparity is the main issue India is facing for decades. Poverty is still an issue because of the lack of education for the people. So, political parties main agenda should be to provide training to the last citizen of the country and provide access to the avenues to educate himself/ herself.

5. Women empowerment

Though women in the country have made their mark in many fields by stepping out of their home, there’s still discrimination present against women. When political parties provide more opportunities to prove themselves, then, the mindset of the society towards women can be changed. Women are not a liability anymore, she’s an asset to the country, but still, the women empowerment campaigns should be boosted up.


India has seen rapid growth and progress in all the fields, including the areas listed above. However, there’s still a lot of scope for improvement. India used to be a golden sparrow because of the wealth it had enjoyed. It is every citizen’s responsibility to bring the country to that level and attain the glory once again.


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