Why is Politics Important to the Country

parliament house in New Delhi

One of the most important and one of the most associated words with the daily lives of the people is ‘politics’ or ‘government’. Whether you like it or not, politics and government play a very vital role in our daily life. Politics and government cannot be called as two different words, but, they are the two faces of the same coin.

Though politics and government are not the most glamorous of subjects, you can’t deny the fact that both words are the most discussed words in the world irrespective of the country.

So now, let us look at why politics, policies and political parties play a significant role to form a government and why politics is essential to the country.

#1. Politics is just about how we do things

Every society needs politics. Politics play an active part in creating societal policies and dealing with social issues.

People are bound to encounter conflicts between each other when living together. With politics, the government will be able to make subjective decisions and create laws which define social policies and have a solution regarding the matter.

#2. Politics and government create an impact on our daily lives

It is a known fact that politics and government impacts on every citizen of the country’s regular daily lives. From the amount of tax you pay for a toilet tissue paper to the petroleum products for the vehicles you purchase. So, one cannot live without the government’s involvement in their life.

If there’s no politics, that would have resulted in a disaster as there’ll be no one to take control over the situations or other people. We wouldn’t have been able to grow in our lives, no co-operation between each other, build cities or travel to space or raise our children and so many things. We would eat, sleep and wander the earth like animals.

#3. Politics fuels the interests

Politics shapes what we, the citizens, feel is vital for the society through the elected leaders or politicians who believe the same.

Politics is essential in people’s lives because it provides equal treatment for all the people irrespective of their bank accounts, their social status and their community status. Politics helps people to find a solution for their quest for a good life.

Importance of knowing politics for citizens

Knowing politics is essential as it reveals a lot about a person’s character and humanity. Since politics shape our world

    • It is necessary to understand what is going on around you
    • You should realize whatever decisions taken will affect your life also
    • Your one vote will either make people or break people
    • You should care about politics because you should have a say in what will happen like the below example

  • You should care about politics for an effective system in society and an organized government

The last say

Politics allows us to watch human dysfunction in action daily. If you cannot recognize a problem, you cannot truly resolve it. So, we’ve got that going for us.

Let us all be responsible citizens and make our India a beautiful and peaceful country to live in this world.


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